Sunday, August 07, 2005

A fun event

Yesterday Noriko and I went to Amsterdam Pride 2005, the biggest gay event in Holland and one of the three biggest outside events of Amsterdam. It's a series of events with the boatparade through the canals of Amsterdam as one of it's highlights.

It was a great fun, extravagant and colourful event and the atmosphere was very open and friendly. A real plea for tolerance.

Next you can see a few pics that gives an impression of the day and especially the boat parade. Noriko and I took more than 400 pics together. When we still would shoot on film I guess we wouldn't took so many pictures. Here and there I might add some short comment. Here are the pics. At the end of this post I add a link to an online photoalbum where you can check our complete selection.

This is Noriko getting prepared
Noriko one more time
It was not all fun. The first boat at the parade was a protest against the execution of two young gay Iranian teens a few weeks ago (see: link ) and a protest against homophobia in general.
Our complete selection of pics can be seen at: link


Bert said...

Prachtige foto's, welkom aan boord van Blogger, en succes met je fotoblog. Hij staat al bij mijn favorieten.

B_ForeverYoung said...

Bedankt voor het compliment!

Anonymous said...


Heb je niets nuttigers te doen.

mvg, je zwagertje